• What criteria cars are sold under TrueValue?

    Maruti Suzuki cars up to 10 years old and mileage up to 1,00,000 Km are sold under TrueValue.

  • What does Maruti Certified cars mean?

    Certification is assurance of quality of the car that we deliver to you. You get a Maruti Suzuki warranty upto one-year and three free services only when Maruti Suzuki engineer certifies the car. Your car has passed through a comprehensive 120-point check to ascertain the Maruti Suzuki standard. The car you get is refurbished with Maruti genuine parts (MGP) and by Maruti Suzuki trained personnel at the state-of-the-art Maruti Suzuki authorized workshops. We also verify the bona fides of the seller.

  • Is there any financing facility on the TrueValue cars?

    There are attractive finance options available. To find out more, you can visit the "TrueValue" outlets.

  • What are the documents that I get when I buy a TrueValue car?

    You get a certificate signed by Maruti Suzuki engineer. A warranty booklet signed by Maruti Suzuki Engineer. A certificate card. Registration transferred in your name.

  • How do you ascertain that vehicle has not been involved in any third party case?

    We verify the bona fides of the seller and also carry out R.T.O. verifications before buying the car.

  • What is the time period for the free services?

    On purchase of a Maruti Suzuki "TrueValue" pre-owned car, the owner shall be entitled to avail of three free inspection services at the workshops of any Maruti TrueValue after sales service center. The three free services will be available at the following intervals or mileage, as the case may be.

  • Define First free inspection service:

    Within 45 to 60 days or running 1000 - 1500 km, (over and above the mileage at the time of delivery).whichever occurs earlier.

  • Define Third free inspection service:

    Within 210 to 240 days or running 10,000 - 10,500 km, (over and above the mileage at the time of delivery) whichever occurs earlier.

  • How quickly can the vehicle can be transferred in my name?

    We complete all the formalities and submit the documents with RTO within a day or two.

  • What warranty is given on TrueValue cars?

    TrueValue cars comes with upto 1 year Maruti Suzuki warranty based on the age and mileage of the cars and you also get 3 free services with a TrueValue car.

  • Which are the parts covered in warranty?

    As per the warranty policy provided in the owner┬┐s manual, all mechanical and electrical parts are covered except the following: All wear and tear parts, parts worn due to aging, consumables like oil, filters, spark plugs, C.B. points, fuses, bulbs, paint problems, A/C gas leak, battery, tyres, rubber and plastic items.

  • What is TrueValue price of my car?

    The TrueValue price of your car is arrived at through our transparent evaluation system, which looks in to the merits of your car, to give you the best possible price of your Maruti Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki brings in all its experience it gained in the past 20 yrs to provide you with the transparent and reliable evaluation system.

  • Where can I get the evaluation of my car done?

    You can visit any of our Maruti TrueValue dealers in your city. Our trained professionals perform the evaluation of your car. The procedure would take 15-20 minutes, and then the price is offered to you.

  • Is there any fee or commissions charged when I get my car evaluated or sell through TrueValue?

    No, the evaluation is absolutely free, also there are no commissions charged when you sell your car to TrueValue, as there are no middlemen.

  • Which cars are bought under TrueValue?

    TrueValue buys Maruti Suzuki cars of any age and mileage, however in exchange with a Brand new Maruti Suzuki cars of any cars of all makes are accepted for purchase

  • How fast does a seller get the payments?

    The payments in full immediately are made once the seller bona fides are verified at the RTO.

  • How do you ensure that there are no hassles in the entire process?

    Once you decide to sell your car to TrueValue, our professionals ensure all the documentation is done smoothly. We make the complete payments immediately. We ensure that your car goes in to the right hands by verification of the bona fides of the further buyer. Also we transfer the ownership on to the buyers name eliminating any kind of post sale hassles.